Tips for buying and selling in All

Tips for buying and selling

Want to sell your business? Don’t make these 2 mistakes!

When you are looking to get a return on all your years of hard work and sell your business, there are a range of mistakes that many small business owners make when looking to put their business for sale. Potential buyers are out there, but it is paramount as a… Read more »

How to value a business – 3 tips from the pros

There is more to the value of a business than simply the balance sheet and the cost of the inventory on shelves. If you are either buying a business or selling a business, there is a need for independent and expert valuations of your business and business brokers involved to… Read more »

Cleaning business for sale – 5 buying tips you need to know!

When looking to start your own business, whether you starting from scratch or join a franchise, there are so many industries and businesses that you can invest in. A cleaning business is one that is in constant demand and provides owners with flexible working hours and good pay, with very… Read more »

Buying a Franchise? 5 Tips to Success

For many people looking to exit the ‘rat-race’ starting a business from scratch can seem daunting, even impossible. Enter in the franchise business opportunity! Franchises offer business owners the opportunity to own their own small business, with an established brand, practices, products and services – and, most importantly, customers who… Read more »

Buying a business? Want to know how to get started?

Buying a business can be an extremely exciting, but also a stressful time for small business owners to go through.    You move from collecting a regular paycheck and all the other goodies that comes with being an employee, through to needing to tightly manage your finances, organising the BAS… Read more »