Cleaning business for sale – 5 buying tips you need to know!

When looking to start your own business, whether you starting from scratch or join a franchise, there are so many industries and businesses that you can invest in.

A cleaning business is one that is in constant demand and provides owners with flexible working hours and good pay, with very minimal specialist skills required. Outlined below are five buying tips you need to know before buying a cleaning business.

Look for a successful franchise system

A successful cleaning franchise will offer the new franchisee a ‘business in a box’ as opposed to you starting out on your own and learning as you go.

A successful franchise system will provide you with the training, skills, equipment and sales leads required to help get your cleaning business off the ground.

A franchise is going to cost you more to start up initially, in addition, there will be ongoing costs to continue to work with the franchise group. In return, you’re receiving systems, processes, equipment and pricing offered at economies of scale that can only be enjoyed as part of a large network – saving you money in the long run.

Search for an easy to run business

Running your own business is not for everyone. There is a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work that is required to keep the business running. From accounting, marketing, sales, quotes, not to mention inventory management and client management.

A cleaning business may be considered by many as an easy business to run, yet there are a wide range of business systems that need to be adhered to as well as doing the cleaning!

When it comes to running a cleaning business there are many activities one needs to master to ensure it is a success;, pressure cleaning, home cleaning, bond cleaning, office cleaning – you name it.

By starting a business that is easy to run, your chance of success is higher as you can focus on being the best cleaner possible but also establishing long-standing business management skills for your future endeavours.  

Try to avoid the ongoing fees

One of the downsides of joining a franchise is the ongoing fee structures that many cleaning franchises charge. It is important to understand the full cost benefit of joining a franchise vs. starting a stand-alone business on your own.

Does the franchise offer you a complete out of the box solution that you can learn from and establish yourself with? Or, are you better going it alone and setting up your own cleaning business to avoid the fees?

Only you will know the answer to this question based on your industry knowledge, and more importantly your ability to run a successful business.

Choose a cleaning category you understand

Within the cleaning & maintenance industry, there is a wide range of categories. To be most effective in terms of your output levels, it is always best to select one or several key categories to specialise within.

Pressure cleaning, home cleaning, home maintenance, office cleaning or window cleaning all offer alternatives for your business to start out. Not to mention, there are different franchise businesses in each of these categories that can offer you an out of the box franchise solution.

Speak to other franchise owners

Nothing sheds light on how good a franchise can be like speaking with other franchise owners. When you’re researching your business, speak not only to those within the cleaning industry, but business owners within a range of industries including F&B, fast food, or a services franchise like an accountant or a trade.

By speaking with other franchise owners, you can better understand the franchise requirements, ongoing costs, franchise systems and how you can make it work for you.

A cleaning business can provide extremely good profit potential, flexible hours and a wide array of specialties or niches for small businesses owners to excel within.

The decision of buying a franchise, an existing business with clients or starting out from scratch is a consideration that you need to make together with the advice of accountants, lawyers and business advisors that know your financial and personal situation, that can provide due diligence and a third party opinion from an objective viewpoint.

You don’t want to invest in something you don’t know or understand, or it could be you that is taken to the cleaners.


Author: Hayley Clark

Content Specialist

Hayley Clark is a content writer born and bred in New Zealand. She has been writing, editing, and working in the industry for over five years, for a myriad of companies, including Virgin Money, Thrifty, Destination New South Wales and Michael Page.